Friday, 2 March 2018

Today's Kerala NIRMAL (NR-58) Lottery Results - 02.03.2018

Kerala State NIRMAL Lottery Results

The Kerala Lottery Results "NIRMAL(NR-58)" Is Daily Publish On 03:55pm And Live Result Offered On 02.55pm.The Draw Is Held At Sree Chitra Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. Check Kerala State Lottery Results For All Weekly Lotteries Available Here. The Official Kerala Lottery Results Daily Available At 03:55 Pm. Check Out Kerala Lottery Ticket Results For Weekly And Bumper Lotteries In This Site.

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  Today's Live Kerala Lottery Results
(ഇന്നത്തെ കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലങ്ങൾ)

1st Prize- Rs :7,000,000/- 

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/-

2nd  Prize- Rs :500,000/-

3rd  Prize- Rs. 1,00,000/-

4th  Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

5th  Prize- Rs. 2,000/-

6th  Prize- Rs. 1,000/-

7th  Prize- Rs. 500/-

8th  Prize- Rs. 100/-

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We Are Announcing Kerala Lottery Results As Soon As Possible. We Publish The Kerala Lottery Results Very Carefully And User-Friendly The Official Government Results Of Kerala Lotteries Will Be Announced Today Through Online Results Site Kerala Lotteries.In Or Keralalotteries.Com. Kerala Lottery Results Today This Results Will Also Be Published In Pdf Format And Get Updated Daily At 4:00 Pm And Live Results Available At 3:00 Pm Unofficially.Now The Government Of Kerala Is Conducting 7 Daily Lottery Results And Six Mega Bumper Lottery Results Which Will Be Drawn Starting From 2:00 Pm. Kerala lottery results The Daily Results Of A Lottery Are Pournami Lottery On Sunday, Win-Win The Lottery On Monday, Sthree Sakthi Lottery Will Be Published On Tuesday, Akshaya Lottery Will Be On Wednesday,Nirmal Will Be On Thursday, Kerala Lottery Result Bhagyanidhi And Nirmal Lottery On Friday And Nirmal Lottery On Saturday. Nirmal Lottery NR-58 Results 02.03.2018,Nirmal Lottery Result, Nirmal NR-58 Lottery Result, 01-03-2018 Nirmal (NR-58),Kerala Lottery Lottery Result, Nirmal Lottery Draw Result, Kerala Nirmal Lottery Result,Kerala Lottery Live Result, Live Nirmal August  01-03-2018, Thursday Kerala Lottery Live Result, Kerala Lottery Live Result Thursday Weekly Live Result Today,Kerala Lottery Live Result Yesterday Kerala Lottery Result, Live Kerala Lottery Online Purchase, Live Kerala Lottery Results Today Live.


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